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A cooperative cloud solution

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The Cooby Cloud aims to bring a cooperative alternative for non profit organisations and SME’s to get a Cloud Services  from a provider which does runs on a more distributed business model and is not driven by the need to increase the shareholder value. To achieve this Cooby will form a Platform Cooperative, where stakeholders, network agents or even end customer can apply for a membership of the cooperative to participate and benefit of the grow of the platform.

Please read the Cooby Cloud paper to understand the business model. 
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Flexible scalable cloud infrastructure

Based on this stack Cooby builds a versatile cloud system with various access points for stakeholders, as other vendors and clients. The advanced tenant capabilities of Rancher allows to build fine grained access control for different user types in bundling different namespaces into Rancher projects.

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Cooby Identity Service

A mission critical single sign-on (SSO), strong authentication,
and access management service using free open source software.

Odoo Operator

Deploy and operate your Odoo instances reliably at scale based atop kubernetes. Kind of Odoo.sh, yet without reinventing the wheel.
Developed by XOE-Labs.