Cooby tecs projects/products overview 

Cooby software and research foundary offers their products under the following brands

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Cooby Cloud

(Odoo SaaS Hosting)
Is our main product and offers Odoo Hosting as a Software as a Service product.

Cooby Work
A new platform for digital workers. Cooby Agents can offer service for the Cooby Cloud platform.

Cooby Identity Services

We run and offer an Open Source Software powered ID server for Cooby Cloud. But the service can be used and integrated into other software procucts too.


(Tokenenomics and currency research)
Is a network for complementary and crypto currencies research, counselling and build solutions for currency and token design.

Future plans:

(Micro ERP/Marketplace on a distributed system)
Is a Keybase/Stellar based distributed ledger app that allows to improve the supply chain in developing countries.