Über uns

    A platform cooperative> for business-related digital products & services.
    Software, research and text foundary.

    Mission statements

    • Our strategy is to build a best-in-class open source business software platform to manage and promote your organisation infused with blockchain technology

    • Our philosophy is “you pay what you get” - the costs for our products are reduced to the max. Support is therefore available in additional packages

    • Cooby tec is an agent-centric platform, so the support is mainly done through the agents, which will get all the tooling on the platform to do their job 

    • Cooby tec is a technology company whose mission is to empower every organization to achieve more with fewer costs. 

    • We strive to create networked opportunities, growth, and impact through our blockchain enabled business platform in every country around the world

    • Together with our clients and external developers we strive to create an innovative community around our products

    • We are active supporters and contributors of OpenSource Software and we avoid to build products that locks in our clients to our company or products

    • Our products and service are streamlined to consume less computer resources than similar services.

    • We call us a sustainable and integrity-driven company

    Unser Team

    Meet the Team

    Antonio Buric

    Cofounder, Python & Odoo geek,
    Master of geolocation stacks and chatbots

    Dave Cook

    Cofounder, Devop, Dave is passionate about leading edge open source technology and it’s practical application to business

    Lucas Huber

    Cofunder and active visionary, Techno-Social Engineer, with focus on distributed ledgers, smart-contracts and token design

    Reto Ormós

    Cofounder, Economist, Management Consultant
    and Author

    Robert Rottermann

    Python & Odoo geek, Devop,
    Robert turns ideas in containerized solutions and enhances our tech team with his vast experience

    Shweta Taneja

    Cofounder, Writer,
    Community Manager,
    Shweta is a  well known author and journalist and is cowriter in the moneygrid team