How to create an open-source, independent  cloud service

Kubernetes rocks

Cloud services companies are taking over the world. Apart from the three giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google we see a rising of acquisition and mergers among medium sized cloud related IT companies. The trend goes also quite strong in direction of Open-Source software for cloud services.“Open source has been the biggest theme in technology this year. Prior to IBM's purchase of Red Hat, two of the biggest tech deals of the year were

Microsoft's $7.5 billion purchase of GitHub, a code-sharing service, and Salesforce's $6.5 billion acquisition of MuleSoft, whose technology stitches together disparate software applications, data and devices. Earlier this month, big-data rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks agreed to merge in a $5.2 billion deal.
Both Rometty and Whitehurst, in comments to CNBC, agreed that Microsoft's purchase of GitHub was "irrelevant" to IBM and Red Hat's decision to enter into a deal.
While Red Hat has talked for years about potentially selling itself to other companies, including Google, never has anything gotten nearly as serious as the negotiations with IBM, according to people familiar with the matter” (Source CNBC).

There are different level of how stakeholders can participate in the Cooby Cloud ecosystem. The lowest level is the Cooperative Cloud Alliance, which is a loose alliance of partners who are interested in running their own Cloud infrastructure with a Cooby like stack.

The next levels are then members of “The Cooperative Cloud” (TCC) itself, which have to be member of the Cooby cooperative too. TCC members have a comparable status as a reseller of a hosting platform, but have a voice in the further development of the platform and can participate in the profits.

To be better able to shape the platform according the needs of potential stakeholders and customers we conduct a survey about our Odoo Cloud Service.

If you are generally interested in our Kubernetes based Cooperative Cloud (for other than Odoo hosting) please go to this survey!  If you have a moment to fill it out it would help us in focusing our efforts in the proper direction.

To cut a long story short; Kubernets rocks!

If you want to know more about the tech side of the Cooby Cloud have a look at this blog post from Dave or our Cloud Wiki.