Cooperative Business Systems

A platform cooperative for business-related digital products & services

Products, Services & Brands

  • Cooby Cloud

    Our fast and easy Odoo cloud hosting solution.

  • Cooby Work

    A new platform for digital workers.

  • Money & tokens

    We do research, counselling and build solutions for currency and token design.

  • Tailored solutions

    We create individual solutions, solid and intriguing.

Have a look at our unique Odoo Hosting

The #1 Odoo Community Platform

Cooby (Odoo) Cloud: the Swiss Army knife for almost everything.

CoobyTec provides a complete software platform geared for the new economy. From digital currency enabled ERP to highly secure identity services, Cooby Cloud delivers enterprise value to all levels of business via our innovative agent network.

Cooby Work

  • A new platform for digital workers

  • Builds a decentralized marketplace

  • Finding local Cooby Agents

  • Getting affordable support


  • Currency and token system design

  • Research, counselling and paperwork

  • We put new economic models into paper

We build and offer solutions for SMEs and NPOs

If you need tailored solutions, get in touch

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Secured identities for your clients

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Cool website

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Help to get an Odoo setup for your needs

Get help from a "local" Cooby agent

Counselling related service


How to build a platform coop?

We know how to build a platform coop based on the Odoo business software

Do you need ERP integration of crypto currencies?

Odoo supports crypto currencies in the accounting system

Do you want to do an ICO or build a new token system?

We can help with our moneygrid team to make it happen